User Experience

Our digital experiences provide intuitive, simple and engaging human interactions for all users on all devices.

Technology is constantly evolving, and your brand must evolve with it to remain successful. Our interactive strategies ensure that your brand anticipates what’s next and remains relevant. We monitor your digital presence and implement a flawless user experience that increases engagement with every click, tap or swipe.


Planning the hierarchy, labeling and organization of content is critical for clear navigation and usability. Our unique user-centered architecture process ensures a strong structural foundation for your website.


The overall experience and interface of the website starts with a strategic blueprint of the visual layout. Following a mobile-first and task-oriented approach, our wireframes create a skeletal framework notating graphical elements and user actions for all screen sizes.


A strong content strategy provides useful information to build connections and grow your brand into a trusted resource. Establishing a consistent voice for your brand creates awareness while providing helpful and relatable information. Along with more personalized content, implementing targeted keywords and consistent call to actions as part of your strategy will increase the effectiveness of SEO to generate more leads.


Our strategic partners provide incredible insights into the reach and success of branding and marketing campaigns to give clients the confidence they need to move forward with a particular strategy. What we uncover can be used to increase brand awareness, purchase intent, as well as generate and nurture leads to ensure the longevity of your brand.


“I am delighted to recommend Richard for any business development, business strategy, or marketing and advertising role, at an executive level. I worked with Richard creating and engineering the world’s first personal ecosystem and facility, designed as a community garden. During this project, we covered market validation, addressable market assessment, risk management, operational requirements, franchising procedures, building architecture, state and city lobbying, security, fire safety, marketing and sales and more. Richard has a unique and highly productive leadership style that makes working with him a real joy.”

Mica Renquist Owner – Greenhouse Rentals & Indoor Farmer Chief Design and Build Engineer for ACC

” Richard Lamb has provided an exceptional long-term consulting avenue for DVE since 2009. With his knowledge and expertise in business development, product management, marketing, M&A initiatives and even web design and development, he has provided our company with a suite of tools to enhance our team’s intellectual capital and business agility. ”

Dr. Steve McNelley – DVE & 4D Presence Co-Founder