Sales Leadership

As a full-service B2B  agency, our extensive team of in-house specialists implement data-driven, strategic solutions that unify every element of your marketing plan to deliver business growth.


Coaching your team on the importance of understanding and adhering to the sales process, your Interim Sales Executive will work to continually optimize your strategy as required to maximize your organization’s sales success.



With a wealth of executive-level management experience, your Interim Sales Executive can identify and hire the right salespeople for your business, create personalized onboarding plans, and help set compensation.



As a CRM expert, your Interim Sales Executive will provide CRM recommendations, set-up your CRM tools as you require, provide best practices documentation, train your team on using the tool, and develop custom reports to monitor your funnel.



With a range of sales targets (revenue & activity-based) and quotas, monitoring your progress weekly, and making adjustments as needed, your Interim Sales Executive will ensure you meet your revenue goals.



By mentoring your internal sales team and sales team leaders on sales strategy best practices, your Interim Sales Executive will help ensure your organization is well positioned to succeed in the long-term.



With decades of executive-level sales experience, your Interim Sales Executive is able to reach C-Suite executives within your target market, helping ensure your message reaches contacts with the authority to make decisions.

Interim Sales Leadership

Marketers’ creative tactics get all the spotlight: great pitches, big ideas and impressive creativity. All of that helps drive sales but only if it’s supporting a clear and effective strategy. Strategy is the necessary glue that binds all that brilliant creativity into a focused tool that delivers on specific business goals in any B2B marketing plan.

Better B2B

Close the gap between your business and your buyers with strategies that align sales and marketing to drive B2B growth.

Why use COM?

We believe in data-driven, strategic solutions that bridge the marketing and sales gap to drive business growth. With an extensive team of in-house specialists who are dedicated to providing unique insight into the challenges facing your business, we are passionate about executing campaigns that deliver real ROI for your organization.