AD Services

We help our clients achieve maximum paid search ROI on Adwords, Instagram and Facebook using the following advertising channels:


“After much online research, we came in with an idea on how to attract more customers.  We were completely wrong.

COM constructed a complete road-map for how we should be executing and we went to a 1 to 3 spend, to return, in just over a month.

The impact of that meant that we could scale our spend from 100 pounds per day, to 1000!   We are now the number 3 survey and poll platform in the world.  If I had to do it all over again, we would have opted for the free whiteboard exercise that COM offers and not have wasted six months of fumbling around.”

David  – Kwik Surveys

” Richard Lamb has provided an exceptional long-term consulting avenue for DVE since 2009. With his knowledge and expertise in business development, product management, marketing, M&A initiatives and even web design and development, he has provided our company with a suite of tools to enhance our team’s intellectual capital and business agility. ”

Dr. Steve McNelley – DVE & 4D Presence Co-Founder