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COM Strategy

Strategic intellectual capital, applied at essential points, will increase efficiency, reach and productivity, while growing your bottom line, immediately.   

Success Delivered

Whether you are focused on strategies for business, technology or operations, the COM Group has the skills and experience to effectively shape client value.

Business Planning

We convert your strategic imperatives into actionable business plans supported by aligned KPIs and reporting that deliver rapid results.

Business Quantom

The Business Quantum provides the tools to monitor signs of imbalance—a smart and highly effective way to boost the health of your business. The Code of Mankind offers premium, proven, customized services and solutions for your business, designed for your niche industry.

Once we figure out what you need to achieve to take your business to the next level, you’ll be able to monitor your Business Quantum anytime, anyplace. No cookie cutter services or solutions. We’re a highly approachable team at COM, always welcoming our clients’ ideas and input, so we can work together in harmony. Having the right chemistry, makes things happen!

The Business Quantum is defined by the little things, that significantly impact your company.  We sometimes refer to this as The Particles of Truth.

Some Feedback

” Richard Lamb has provided an exceptional long-term consulting avenue for DVE since 2009. With his knowledge and expertise in business development, product management, marketing, M&A initiatives and even web design and development, he has provided our company with a suite of tools to enhance our team’s intellectual capital and business agility. ”

Dr. Steve McNelley – DVE & 4D Presence Co-Founder

Dr. Steve McNelley
Dr. Steve McNelleyCo-Founder DVE & 4D Presence

“I am delighted to recommend Richard for any business development, business strategy, or marketing and advertising role, at an executive level. I worked with Richard creating and engineering the world’s first personal ecosystem and facility, designed as a community garden. During this project, we covered market validation, addressable market assessment, risk management, operational requirements, franchising procedures, building architecture, state and city lobbying, security, fire safety, marketing and sales and more. Richard has a unique and highly productive leadership style that makes working with him a real joy.”

Mica Renquist Owner – Greenhouse Rentals & Indoor Farmer Chief Design and Build Engineer for ACC

Mica Renquist
Mica RenquistOwner

“Richard Lamb is phenomenally talented creative executive that I’ve had the pleasure to work with for about 5 years now. He’s a hard-working, productive, funny, very tech and web savvy (especially with B2C projects) team player that communicates well with all levels in organizations, especially C-level.”

Tim Rocho CEO, Set for Life

Tim Rocho
Tim RochoSFL

“Richard worked with us for three years to build my companies from nothing, to everything I wished to achieve. I can finally leave my products on auto-pilot and enjoy my life. He has my highest recommendation and a five star review on Upwork”

David Meagor President, KwikSurveys, FreeOnlineSurveys, BooRoo

David Meagor
David MeagorBooRoo, FOS, KwikSurveys

Richard, or “Dr. Lamb”, as he was known to the insider Fidelity team, was probably my favorite colleague, in my 35-year business career.

I could not be more thrilled to recommend Richard Lamb for any role from strategy, to granular digital marketing campaigns.  The FNIS president, Dwayne Walker, once stated at a meeting “You cannot be that analytical and that creative. Nobody can do both of those things at a high level” Suffice it to say, he admitted to being wrong, a few months later.”

Robert Shandor
Robert ShandorSVP Business Development & Technology FIS, FNF, LPS

Richard was brought in to help us asses our new social media plan and a brand refresh project. He brought in some very unique insights that none of us had considered in the previous two years.  Both were spot on, as proven over the next few months.  Bravo Richard!

PeterVP - Blue Nile